Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will The Browns Offense 'OUT SCORE' The Amount of 'FAN ARRESTS' Per Game This Season?

Just Our Thoughts...

According to the Plain Dealer Sports Section on August 22, the Cleveland Browns are reporting that there were 7 Arrests of Fans, in the stands, at the Browns second preseason game at Cleveland Browns stadium against the Detroit Lions. This number is down from 8 Fan Arrests in the opening preseason game. It was also noted, that in addition to these arrests, there were 86 other, additional, fan ejections in week 1. There were 74 additional Fan Ejections in Week 2.

The Browns are publishing these statistics all season, in attempt to improve fan behavior at games. They should be more focused on the offense.

We here at the Nosebleeds, will be following these statistics as the year goes on to see one thing...

We want to see if the Browns Offense can outscore the amount of Fan Arrests on a per game basis during the regular season.

Its gonna be close, and the Las Vegas money is indicating the 'Arrests per Game' currently has a slight edge over the point production of the Browns Offense.

The Preseason numbers look like this...

Week 1 - Kansas City

Browns Offense: 9 Points scored (Barclay's Special Teams TD gave them 16)

Fan Arrests Week 1: 8

*The Browns Offense edged out a week 1 win over the Fan Arrests by the skin of their teeth. If the beer guy in the upper deck of the Dawg Pound would have served one more beer before last call, the Fan Arrests surely could have turned 2 or 3 of the 86 people ejected, into a Fan that got Arrested, and given the Fan Arrests a win.

Week 2 - Detroit

Browns Offense: 20

Fan Arrest: 7

*The Fan Arrests seemed to have this contest won, until Brady Quinn entered the game for the first time with 9:20 left in the 4th. With the Arrests clinging to a 7-6 lead over the Browns offense, Brady Quinn was able to rally the Browns for 2 TD's against Detroits 3rd string defense.

The regular season...

Not too many people Tail Gate for Preseason football. They will when the regular season begins, and with the excitement of the real game and Tail Gating at its zenith, expect the arrest numbers to increase in the regular season. If the number of Fan Arrests increases to 15 or 16, expect the Browns offense to be in trouble. The Browns offense put up 14.9 points per game last season

Can The Browns Offense Out Rush the Fan Ejections?

Another stat we will be tracking is if the Browns Running Game is able to 'Out Rush' the number of fan ejections in a given game. The Browns rushed for 83.4 yards a game last season. There were 86 Fan Ejections in week 1 of the Preseason, and 74 Fan Ejections in week 2. Its gonna be close.


Kevin said...

well i like the article but the fact remains the same the browns or what we have looked like lately the clowns will not have a good offense.

great website though for the Bibby Hurley fans that remain out there

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